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Produced by Formulation Station
License #: MANU0035

Bliss Bar Results

Milk Chocolate, Salty Potato Chip, S'Mores Bar

Sample ID: VT4578

Dark Chocolate

Sample ID: VT5244

White Chocolate

Sample ID: VT3955

Cookies & Cream Bar

Sample ID: VT4092

Heady At Home Results

Infused Maple Syrup

Report ID: C230821AX

Infused Honey

Report ID: C230727BE

Infused BBQ Sauce

Report ID: C230811BA

Infused Olive Oil

Report ID: C230616AC

Collaboration Project Results

High Water Tincture

Report ID: C230713AF

Local Flavor Results

LMF Strawnana Hard Candy

Sample ID: VT4393

Lemonade Stand Gummies Results

Raspberry Lemonade Gummy

Sample ID: VT5570

Peach Lemonade Gummy

Sample ID: VT5572

Maple Lemonade Gummy

Sample ID: VT4781

Limeade Gummy

Sample ID: VT5571

Haute & Heady Gummies Results

Bedtime Blend +CBN

Sample ID: VT8102

Maple Ginger Lime +CBG

Sample ID: VT8104